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Curing Aneurysms

Posted on April 11, 2009

PipelineDr. Lopes was the first endovascular neurosurgeon and specialist in the Midwest and among the first in the country to utilize the Pipeline Embolization Device as part of a clinical study in early 2009. The Pipeline stent represents a new design intended to exclude aneurysms from the parent vessel by reconstruction of the parent vessel. No coils are necessary when using the Pipeline remodeling device. In fact, post-procedure images have shown that aneurysms treated with the Pipeline stent actually disappear after a few months, since blood flow is completed eliminated from the aneurysm. See more information about remodeling devices.

Further studies are required before the vascular remodeling devices, such as the Pipeline Device, will be available for expanded use and distribution. Dr. Lopes frequently participates in other clinical trials involving such devices. Please email info@ChicagoStrokeMD.com if you would like to be evaluated by Dr. Lopes for participating in one of these research studies.