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Endovascular-trained Neurosurgeons Offer Surgical and Non-surgical Solutions

Posted on January 3, 2011

 The American Heart Association recently published its top 10 advancements in stroke care for 2010. Among those cited on the list were the results of the CREST study.  The CREST study demonstrated that carotid endarterectomy, the surgical procedure to treat carotid stenosis, was more effective than carotid stenting, the minimally-invasive endovascular approach performed by many cardiologists and interventional radiologists, for patients patients over 70 years of age.  In addition, it showed that stenting may actually be better for patients under 70 years of age.

Dr. Demetrius Lopes, endovascular –trained neurosurgeon at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago explains that results like those in the CREST study continue to refine our approach to treating stroke.  “Stroke medicine is now at a point where we’re defining which approaches are more or less effective for specific subsets of the population.” 

Interestingly, it’s because of these treatment nuances that neurosurgeon stroke specialists, like Dr.Lopes, become even more critical to leading stroke programs.  “Stroke-trained neurosurgeons are the only physicians that can offer either surgical approaches or endovascular approaches for the treatment of stroke.  Leading programs, like Rush University Medical Center, are able to offer the right treatment for the right patient.” 

When a stroke patient enters the emergency room, a stroke-trained (also referred to as endovascular-trained) neurosurgeon can effectively treat the patient in accordance with the latest guidelines regardless of whether the patient is 50 or 85 years old.  When time is of the essence – or when time is a decisive factor in a patient’s ability to lead a normal life – having a neurosurgeon who can offer a comprehensive continuum of treatments is optimal.

Dr. Lopes welcomes feedback to his blogs using the space below.  He also accepts email questions via info@chicagostrokemd.com