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WLNC 2013: Case Presentations Follow Up

Posted on May 20, 2014
Rush at WLNC 2013

The team at the Rush Center for Neuroendovascular Surgery presented four surgeries to WLNC in 2013 via satellite broadcast. This photo shows the team in surgery in Chicago on a screen at the conference in Istanbul, where physicians and medical staff from around the world observed.

At the 2013 World Live Neurovascular Conference in Istanbul, Turkey, the team at the Rush Center for Neuroendovascular Surgery participated in the live broadcast of four surgeries. They performed the surgeries at Rush, which were broadcast via satellite to physicians attending the conference in Istanbul. Then, the team flew to Instanbul to participate in viewing surgeries that were broadcasted live from other parts of the world.

Today, WLNC posted the case presentations and follow up information for the surgeries performed by the team at Rush.

Review each case, including two with video footage from the procedures, on our Case Presentations & Videos page.