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Dr. Lopes on syngo Dyna4, advanced imaging technology. View all six videos in the playlist. Go to the syngo DynaCT SMART video playlist.

Dr. Lopes is active in the Rush – Siemens Image Post Processing Projects, which include:

  • Evaluation of improved IQ of c-arm images using new algorithms for metal artifact reduction and cone beam artifact reduction
  • Image-based assessment of flow diverter efficacy
  • IVUS-Angio co-Registration for carotid arteries and cerebral venous system – prototype evaluation
  • Use of cerebral blood volume (CBV) for vasospasm and carotid artery stent patients
  • User Interface Evaluation using SMI Eye Tracker to help better understand a clinical workflow for various procedures
  • Retrospective analysis of 4D DSA and 4D MRA images compared to 2D DSA and 3D DSA in Ateriovenous Malformations (AVM) and fistula cases
  • Develop and assess the workflow for importing high-resolution DynaCT 3D angiograms into the Medtronic Stealth navigation system, and using this data during neurosurgery procedures in both a traditional OR and in a Hybrid OR (with built-in angiography system)