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WLNC: World Live Neurovascular Conference


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The goal of the World Live Neurovascular Conference is to be the preferred neuroendovascular conference in the world for the education and training of young neuroendovascular therapists.

The format of WLNC will be education via live case transmissions, practical training sessions and open discussion during the entire 3 days of the conference. We will display a wide variety of challenging cases without too many formal lectures or edited video cases.

WLNC will showcase in a very dynamic way the latest advancements in our field and best practices approach to every case. There will be many live cases highlighting the latest technical and imaging improvements, including deployment techniques, indications of various extra and intraaneurysmal flow divertors, new bifurcation devices/bifurcation reconstruction techniques in aneurysm treatment, cerebral/spinal AVM/AVF treatment, supraaortic/intracranial stenting, and acute stroke management.

There will be no time restriction, allowing for free discussion during the transmission that will let us demonstrate treatment strategy planning, the small details and technical tricks of cases by the performing operators.

Live demonstrations will be transmitted to the meeting venue with the best quality in high definition from state-of-the-art neuroangiography labs around the globe.

To be able to maintain its global impact in educating and training young neurointerventionalists, the location of WLNC will rotate annually to different cities throughout Euro-Asia, South America and North America. We also will continue to promote our educational grant program to support their attendance